Moments of Genius – A Link-up!

Moments of Genius – A Link-up!

When I do something especially brilliant, I like to share. So, I’ve decided to start a new blogger link-up and call it Moments of Genius.

moments of geniusYou can join me. I have included a linky at the bottom of this post. Your Moment of Genius can be serious or more sarcastic. I can’t wait to see what you share!

I’m sharing today by way of a Vlog. Enjoy!

Have a Moment of Genius to share? There are 3 simple rules (Rules that, if you break, I can’t really do anything about. But, that wouldn’t be nice of you, now would it?):

1. Add your URL for your blog post (not just your blog main page) by using the Linky below.

2. Be nice and visit at least 2 others who have linked.

3. Come back next week to play again!

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