4 Little Pumpkins

4 Little Pumpkins

In the fall, each of my four kids — specifically in their three year old classroom — have learned the Five Little Pumpkins rhyme. This year, it’s Diva’s turn to learn it and present it on Halloween while dressed in whatever costume she finally determines she wants (so far, it’s a superhero zombie unicorn).

As my bloggy friends and I decided on a theme for this month’s poetry, I struggled with the idea of writing about pumpkins. I love to decorate with them, and they’re cute for Halloween stuff…but don’t give me pumpkin spice, pumpkin taste, pumpkin nothin’. I just don’t want it.

Determining how to write a poem with the pumpkin theme suddenly dawned on me, though. I have my own four pumpkins, and they’re pretty cute. Thus, I present you with my poem, “4 Little Pumpkins.”

4 little pumpkins

4 little pumpkins
all in a row
I sit and watch
and cry as they grow

One almost a lady
beautiful and strong
learning all the lessons
seeing right from wrong.

The second such a ham
as goofy as can be
witty and so brilliant
a math whiz, we can see.

The third a wise old man
our empath, snuggle bug
hilarious, strong and loving
always ready for a hug.

The fourth and last a diva
the strongest of them all
cross her, it’ll hurt ya
mighty though she’s small.

4 little pumpkins
some big and some small
they might drive us bonkers
but we’re proud of them all.

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