6 Hearts

6 Hearts

It’s February, and everyone is being inundated with reminders for Valentine hearts and candy and gifts and more. I used to be really hung up on getting a Valentine, but as I get older and a little wiser, I recognize that it’s not the gifts or the things that matter. It’s the people I hold within my heart.

6 Hearts

When you’re born,
your heart beats 100s of beats per minute.
Doctors watch and listen
parents smile and tears flow
at the sound of your swooshing heart
beating perfectly
its strength a testament
to your future.

You grow up, and your heart
learns to love others.
First love, true love, lost love.
Hearts break fast and furious
or slowly and painfully.

With each love
a new heart is formed.

Your own new baby’s heart
fills places you didn’t even know
needed filling.

With the addition of just one new face,
you suddenly have two hearts
or three.

Time goes by
more hearts grow upon your own
perhaps a total of 6 Hearts
that tell you
that you are loved
the future is brighter
than you could have ever imagined.

What seemed to be a space that was full
continues to expand to let in
new happiness
new hopes
each one offering its own
glory to that which you call

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