6 Worst Things About Being an Adult

2.) A couple weeks ago we talked about the 6 best things about being an adult…this week list the 7 WORST things about being an adult.

Remember when I blogged about how awesome it was to be an adult?

Making Snow Angels
If only every day was a snow day…

Well, sometimes, it isn’t the greatest thing. I always hear my students talk about how much they wish they were older and out of their parents house. My response? STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!


That said, I present the 6 WORST things about being an adult:


1. With each day that passes, something else sags or wrinkles or stops working. No lie. Once upon a time, I was able to eat a gallon of ice cream and have no repercussions. Those days are long gone, my friends.

2. I can’t skip down the street without getting funny looks. Enough said.

3. Sleeping in…what’s that? I don’t remember the last time I slept in past 8. And 8 feels like it’s really late. Once upon a time, I could sleep until noon. I guess once all the kids are old enough, I could try that again…so, 20 more years?

4. I’m expected to know stuff. My daughter thinks I have an answer for everything. Good thing I’m quick to make up believable answers or take us to Google.

5. I have to pay my own bills, and they won’t go away. No matter how much I try to ignore them, they still show up in my mailbox.

6. Birthday parties with princess tiaras and bouncy houses are apparently “uncool” for someone my age. I think we should all insist on theme parties for our 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays (and all those in between). I want goody bags filled with cheap candy and plastic rings, yo.

What would make your list of reasons that it’s not entirely awesome to be an adult? Tell me!

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