7 Ways to Have Fun Inside (When You Can’t Go Outside)

7 Ways to Have Fun Inside (When You Can’t Go Outside)

Winter means cold days. I don’t like the cold. My kids would go outside and play all day if they could, but I actually don’t even like going outside. Here in NC, when snow actually comes in, everyone goes on lockdown. There’s no school. There’s no church. There’s no shopping. Nothing. So, we’re “stuck” inside for a few days. So what do you do to have fun inside when you can’t go outside?

7 ways to have fun inside

Clean the house

Sounds unfun, but dang what a way to feel refreshed when all the regular routine stuff comes back. I’ve been cleaning closets, throwing stuff out, and organizing. I can’t get this accomplished as well when Math Man isn’t home because minions try to climb on me. But when the second adult is in the house and can keep people away from me? Glorious cleaning abounds.


We tried fondue back at Thanksgiving, but we decided that it would be amazing to create our own with cocoa. The recipe I found called for evaporated milk. Since we didn’t have it, I had to just use regular milk. It turned out fine, but I probably should have lowered the amount of milk (ended up being to grainy). In case you’re wondering, the recipe was:

  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup evaporated milk (this is where I goofed but didn’t have a choice)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

We melted the butter then added the rest of the ingredients slowly until they were blended. Then we transferred to our fondue pot. The kids enjoyed trying pretzels and marshmallows in the chocolate (which, for the record, was tasty). They even created weird combinations of crushed pretzels, chocolate and marshmallows.

Dance Parties!

We enjoy moving and grooving here, so the kids do love a good dance party. With the right music, they can all jam out. (This also gets the wiggles out and helps make them a little more tired!) The Animal prefers music from Geometry Dash (which is basically electronica), and no one argues. But, we did throw in some Toby Mac, Hollyn and music from The Nutcracker.

My favorite part about dance parties is how free the kids let themselves be. They just move to the music without a care in the world.

Bring back the classics

Because I have been cleaning, I found various items that we haven’t seen in a while. Diva and Flash were totally pumped to get to play with mine and Sassy Pants’s old Barbies. In fact, Flash found a way to incorporate a Sleeping Beauty playhouse with his new firehouse that he got for Christmas. Barbie earned herself a penthouse!

image of kids playing dolls

Read a book

So, I’m a little behind the times, but I’m finally reading this Harry Potter series I’ve heard about. šŸ˜‰ Sassy Pants enjoyed the first two books, so we set a goal of me trying to catch up with her. I’m already on book two, and she just finished book 3. As we read (or rather, as I finish one she’s read), we’re going to watch the corresponding movies. But a good book is fabulous during nap time or after the kids are (finally) in bed.

Just hang out

The Animal is obsessed with all things iPad — that means Geometry Dash, Mario, Angry Birds and more. Mostly, he just loves for us to sit with him and watch him play or listen to the music with him. He enjoys trying new apps that teach him languages (we love MindSnacks!) and those that challenge him to learn a new trick. In fact, when we have visitors, he is most excited to show them all he’s learned. But mostly, he just loves hanging out and being with us…no matter what we do.

playing mario on the ipad

Netflix and chill

Not that kind of Netflix and chill. It’s cold outside, so you’re cold. You have Netflix. Come on. Stick with me. Netflix or whatever other streaming resource you have offers tons of options: movies, catch up on a show you missed, see the latest episode of your favorite show, watch a cartoon. In our house, the streaming TV is both a life saver and source of fun. We’ve also discovered that we can access YouTube by sending videos from the iPad or our phones via our Amazon Prime Fire Stick…so we end up creating our dance mixes that way.

How do you fill the time when it’s too cold to go outside?


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25 thoughts on “7 Ways to Have Fun Inside (When You Can’t Go Outside)”

  1. Loved your tips! My favorite “cold weather” activity is cooking – healthy cooking of course….usually…. šŸ™‚ Playing Barbies and Dance Parties are always a good time too.

  2. What fantastic ideas! Thank goodness for Netflix. It is SO cold here in NC right now, even the dog doesn’t want to go outside. šŸ˜‰ Love the fondue idea. We might just have to do that one. =)

  3. Those are great ideas. I love that you guys are playing with what you found when you cleaned up. I also like the idea of relaxing and watching Netflix together. We do that on sick days too.

  4. I hate cold and I hate being outside when it’s cold. I am so thankful that the kids are finally old enough to play outside by themselves and I can watch from the window, bundled up on the couch with a good book!

  5. Such fun ways to spend the day when forced inside, that also provides for some quality family time. Something tells me your dance parties are RAD!

  6. What great ideas! Have fun with Harry Potter. My family and I loved them but they got really dark around book 4. My daughter discovered them at a local used book store when she was 6. It was the first series of books she got so into that she kind of joined their world for the better part of a year. When we finished them and she realized she couldn’t go back, it was kind of like she had been exiled from her homeland.

  7. We didn’t get any snow over the weekend in GA as predicted but we were still on lockdown. We do the same as you guys…Netflix and old toys but I love the fondue idea!! I’m totally going to use that next time. We usually make snow ice cream but the fondue idea is great!

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