A (Parenting) Halloween Poem

Cold air kisses the nape of her neck

taunting her

pulling her abruptly from sleep

to the sound of piercing cries echoing down the corridor.

She slowly emerges

heart racing

eyes blurry

trying to follow the slivers of light that seep under the bedroom door.

In just two steps

she feels blinding pain

shards of glass

it seems

ripping her skin.

She can feel the slow stem of blood.

A wince, a quick shudder,

and she moves forward.

The cries persist.




Moments seem like an eternity as she makes her way through the door

past the open window

wind whistling through the cracks

into the next room

where the cries grow more savage.

Glowing eyes meet her.

She sighs.

Picks up her baby

And holds her tight.

Another long night of rocking a sweet goblin to sleep.


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