A Pirate’s Booty

A Pirate’s Booty

Last week was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Having never actually participated in this celebratory and fun event, I thought I’d join in with my bloggy poetic friends for a link up.

Pirates are fun and festive, and Math Man and I even dressed up as pirates one Halloween with Sassy Pants as our young mate. We had a great time, I had awesome fake wig hair, and it was just a bunch of fun.

I know that in some areas, you can win yourself free donuts and more if you arrive at whatever restaturant dressed as and or speaking like a pirate.

I’ll have to settle for a poem, instead. Hope you enjoy!

A Pirate’s Booty

Ahoy, me hearty,
“Drink up!” I say.
A pirate’s life fer me!

Me lassies, me lads,
Ahoy! Cast away!
Me life ain’t all that bad.

Avast! The ship is sailing yon
to find the treasure at sea.

Don’t be a lubber, come join me now
as we search for the pirate’s booty!

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