Advice for New Moms (Vlog)

Advice for New Moms (Vlog)

I’ve been a mom for 9 years, and I like to impart my wisdom to other moms (and dads) when given the chance.

Today, Mama Kat is hosting a link up, and one of the topics is, “What advice would you give a new mom?”


I’m all over that:

What advice would you give? Leave me a comment!

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8 thoughts on “Advice for New Moms (Vlog)”

  1. My advice to new parents is similar, but mainly it is that take time to educate yourself and do not feel like you have to take everyone’s advice. Do what YOU feel is best!

  2. That is SO true. I have 4 kids myself and I try to keep up with milestones and awesome stories. I have one journal that I use to write all of their birth stories. Okay I am a little behind on the narrative portions. I wish I had more pics or memories from when I was little, too.

    1. Haha – I think we just need to be mindful. I’m most “upset” that I have no story about my birth. I like to think that it must have just been beautiful and easy if she can’t remember it!

  3. This is great. Funny, but true, right?! I’ve assigned myself the role of Memory Keeper of my family. There are a lot of blank lines in my kids’ baby books, too, but I’m hoping to make up for it with keeping good records now. The youngest two are 7 & 8 so hopefully it’s not too late 🙂

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