Barefoot Summer

Barefoot Summer

It’s summer. I love summer. Except when I hate summer. Honestly, summer is my absolute favorite time of year other than Halloween (come on — costumes!) because everything is lazy and relaxed and there are more naps in my daily routine.

But I also hate summer. Summer is hot and sweaty. Summer includes mosquitoes and sunburns. Summer means that Math Man mows the lawn at minimum once a week, and it means that I never really want to venture outside because I’ll probably melt.

I don’t mean to dislike summer. I suppose it gets harder when you have kids. I know, I know. It should be so much more fun since my kids are here to experience it. And yes, for most of the time, it’s a lot easier and more fun with them. I see the world through their eyes, and I enjoy the simple things like 25 cent ice pops and a dip in the pool.

Our poetry theme this month is “Barefoot Days.” Here’s my stab at it.

barefoot summer poem image

Barefoot Summer

Barefoot means…

Pool toe

Barefoot means…


Barefoot means
Summer has arrived
and the kids refuse
to wear their required footwear.

So, I’ll apply bandaids
and ointment
and lavender
and hugs
until shoes are back on
for school in

What do barefoot days mean to you?

barefoot days group image

Read what my buddies created, too, so you can see how they feel about this season!

Barefoot Days” by Karen of Baking in a Tornado

Barefoot with You” by Jules of The Bergham Chronicles

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