BBQ Skewers from Cave Tools (Review)

BBQ Skewers from Cave Tools (Review)

Summer time calls for BBQs (or cookouts – whatever you call it), and so grilling in the winter means we usually forget about all of the fun summer BBQ options. Skewers and kabobs are a favorite of Math Man’s and mine, so we were excited to get to try out Cave Tool’s BBQ Skewers here in the dead of winter.

I happened upon premade kabobs at the local grocery store just in time to try with our new skewers. We got traditional kabobs made of steak and veggies and then Korean flavored beef kabobs.

Easy to Use

BBQ skewers

Math Man’s favorite part of the skewers was the length and handles. Because these particular skewers are so long, he was able to set the handles a bit off from the heat of the coals making them easier to grasp when he needed to turn or take off the grill. He had the option to either be brave and grab with his bare hands or use the tongs. The size of the handles on the skewers made it easy with the tongs.

My favorite part of the skewers was the simple remover ring. Normally, I fight kabobs to get them off the stick. With these skewers, I was able to easily slide the food off and enjoy! Plus, the stainless steel makes them dishwasher safe. Every mother’s dream.

BBQ skewers after

Easy to Store

To top it off, the BBQ skewers come with a carrying case. I will say it took a bit of work to get them in the first time as the crease in the material caused a bit of a hazard. But, we did it, and the case is awesome.

Get your own set of 10 extra long BBQ skewers over at Cave Tools. Be sure to use this code for 15% off: SKEWER15

I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.

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