Become an Awesome Mommy Blogger in 4 Simple Steps

Become an Awesome Mommy Blogger in 4 Simple Steps

Working from home is becoming a more common lifestyle choice in the modern world. The increasing reliance that companies have on the Internet makes it possible for people to contribute and earn a salary right from their desktop or laptop.

Commonly referred to as “mommy bloggers,” stay-at-home parents are able to earn money writing while still caring for their children and managing their homes. While blogging allows you to work from the comfort of your own living room, it also presents some unique challenges. Below is a list of tips for those living the mommy blogger lifestyle who want to kick it up a notch.

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Stay Organized

One of the biggest challenges that mom bloggers face is balancing home and work responsibilities. Blogging is an activity that requires a lot of dedication and time commitment, but so does being a parent and running a household. In order to ensure that you leave yourself some time create engaging blog content, creating a schedule is a great idea.

Finding a regular schedule for brainstorming, planning and writing posts that suit your lifestyle can do wonders for your productivity. Are Sundays a day when your spouse or sitter can watch the kids for a bit? Do your kids usually nap in the afternoons? These are some examples of times that could be perfect for content planning and generation.

Create Unique Content

Writing content that inspires people and gives them some insight is the goal of every blogger out there. As a parent balancing the responsibilities of your blogging career or hobby and childcare, you have unique experiences and perspectives that no one else has. Sharing stories, advice and ideas that you’ve developed on your unique journey presents itself as content that gives readers genuine value.

Write About Your Passions

Another method for creating great content is to write about things that interest you and get you fired up. Remember, it’s not necessarily the blog topic that matters. What matters is you write it with a passion that other people can discover and relate to.

For instance, if you love metal wire baskets, write about all of their great uses and their value in home décor. If you’ve got some insider tips or uncommon methods for completing daily tasks, tell us about them. Discussing things that you love and sharing your unique solutions to problems makes for intriguing and helpful content.

Be Social

Being an active member of the blogging world is an excellent way to draw attention to yourself and your content. This includes reading other blogs and contributing with questions, comments and follows. Interacting with other bloggers  — other mommy bloggers especially — will help you to establish yourself in your niche community. If your blog specializes in a particular topic, connecting other writers with the same focus is a rewarding  — and blog promoting — experience.

Aaron Walker is a stay at home dad who loves anything technical and gadget-y. He can usually be found writing, but if you catch him not typing furiously away at the computer, he might be cooking a delicious wok full of pad thai, indulging in his OCD tendencies and installing a wall full of wire baskets in the garage, or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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