I’ve tried and tried to get myself back on the healthy wagon. But it seems like my health wanted to keep having health PROBLEMS. So, the constant circling back to not healthy continues to happen.

Most recently, I had a stent in place from kidney to bladder to battle some issues I had with kidney stones and kidney swelling. Now that it’s out, I am hoping to feel a lot better — and hopefully have more energy! In the 24 hours since it was removed, I have felt better than ever.

Thus, I bring to you a poem about starting again.


Alas, the stent is out.
I now have no reason to shout
the pain that has left me out
of the exercise loop.

Alas, I must now begin again
looking here and there for a win
it’s no sin
to have just one cookie out of the bin
if I give the rest to the kids.

Alas, I shall now have to be good
can’t hide under these yoga pants and hood
I’ve withstood
the temptations and knowing I could
but I didn’t. So there.

Here we go, people, we can do this.
One more item to add to our to-do list
workout not missed
a dancing or walking tryst
Math Man will reap the rewards.

beginning again poem about getting healthy

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8 thoughts on “Beginning…Again”

  1. I seriously would not wish kidney stones on my worst enemy! They are awful. I’ve had them three times, but thankfully been clear for the past five or so years. Also, there is nothing wrong with beginning again. It’s the quitting completely you’ve got to avoid!

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