Best Love Songs (Ever)

Best Love Songs (Ever)

I’m a music junkie, and boy is there a lot of music to love out there. My taste is pretty eclectic, so that means that there’s something for everyone!

Considering we’re at Valentine’s time, I thought it would be fun to list what I consider the Best Love Songs — EVER!

Best Love Songs

Let’s start with the song my husband and I danced to when we were married. It was his suggestion which made it that much more meaningful. He’s not much on emotions, so knowing that he’d listened to this song and thought of me sealed the deal. The words are beautiful:

If we take a step back in time, I don’t know that anyone can argue the beauty of this song sung by Elvis. It’s timeless and absolutely stunning in its simplicity:

Oh boy, talk about the classics, Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” is one that makes me want to hug my husband’s neck and sway on the dance floor. Of course, he’d have to actually be willing to dance, but this song is amazing.

Now I told you my taste is a little different. This song by Cake makes me think of my husband. In fact, for a while before I changed phones, it was his assigned ring tone (I just can’t figure out how to fix it back on my new phone). It’s also great while running!

Lastly, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” has me tearing up when I really listen. It’s catchy, and the words are so meaningful. Love it.

There are so many other songs I could have listed. What is your favorite love song?

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  1. I love all those songs! A month ago I would have said “Hello” by Adele was my favorite love song, but now it’s on every time I turn on the radio… My husband and I don’t really have a song, hmmm maybe we should fix that…I’ll have to think on it.

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