Best Thanksgiving Traditions…Ever

Best Thanksgiving Traditions…Ever

For too long, I think that Thanksgiving has been ignored. In fact, in this house, the decorations kind of get skimpy between Halloween and Christmas. This year, we’re going to create the Best Thanksgiving Traditions…Ever.

I know that some folks feel like Thanksgiving has become overdone and over-commercialized. I get this. In fact, for me, the traditional turkey dinner has sort of reshaped itself. When you have kids who refuse to eat meat or who look at your ginormous Thanksgiving dinner creation over which you slaved and worried and then turn up their noses, your priorities change.

While I know that Thanksgiving is not really ignored by the fine folks of our country, I feel like the meaning has been lost. The point, to my understanding, of Thanksgiving was to be with family and/or loved ones and consider how blessed we are. With that in mind, I want to think about some traditions I will continue in this house and some new traditions we are going to create.

Traditions we will keep

  • Cranberry sauce – Yeah, the jelly kind. In a can. Right out into a bowl. Real fancy-like. It’s happening.
  • Turkey and mashed ‘taters – So I don’t blend my food often, but these two scrumptious foods must touch. They must touch, and it shall be glorious.
  • Naps – It’s rare that I take a nap, but Thanksgiving naps are some of the best naps ever.
  • Playing outside – When I was younger, my siblings and I would hit the backyard after dinner to play flag football or something similar. If weather permits, I want to take my kids outside to do the same. And as they grow, I’d love to continue tossing the football around with them.
  • Movie night – This is probably my ultimate favorite for Thanksgiving night. I loved sitting with the family and eating turkey sandwiches and watching some ridiculous movie. My younger brother and I did this for as long as we’ve had Thanksgivings together, and I have done the same when I could with Sassy Pants.

Traditions we will add

  • Thankful Blessing – Last year we attempted, but two of the four kids were too little to understand. So this year, we’ll try again with our thankful blessing. We’ll go around the table and list off something for which we’re thankful. This isn’t my idea. I think I got it from Friends or Full House or some other influential show in my younger years.
  • Table settings – Also last year, we made a special table setting for each of us in the family. While they didn’t last very long once the baby got ahold of them, they felt very special. The kids loved finding their names and sitting in the appropriate spot.
  • Family picture – In an effort to get a shot of all of us, we set up the tripod and took a quick family selfie. I actually love these pictures sometimes better than pricey pictures with a photographer. I think it will be fun to do this yearly and then compare as the kids grow older.

What are traditions that you have in your family? Is there anything you do differently from what you grew up with?

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10 thoughts on “Best Thanksgiving Traditions…Ever”

  1. Flag football sounds like an AWESOME tradition. I love that!

    Family photos are a tradition here, too. It’s fun to look back on the old ones and see how our family has changed through the years.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So witty and so relatable:)We have a large family with many boys so football in any shape or form is a must for us on Thanksgiving as well! Thank you for such a warm post!

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