Building with Legos is one of my kids’ favorite things to do. My boys, especially, like to purchase the kits and follow directions with Daddy. Diva just likes to build and pull them apart – she’s two. I received tickets to attend BrickFest Live, and we surprised the boys after a long drive. They could not believe the sheer volume of Legos at the event, and we’ll be sure to go again.

When we first walked in to the event, they found a wall of Legos to build on. Their brains were almost on overload as they looked around, listened to the music, heard announcements from the loud speaker. Flash was dying to see everything, but the Animal wanted to sit and build.

Lego Brickfest Wall

We finally convinced them to walk around a bit to see what else the Fest had to offer.

We next found ourselves at the Lego pool. The boys were delighted (but a little confused at first) to sit in the blue Legos and begin building. They were impressed by the huge creations they saw on the table, and their sole goal for that bit of time was to create and build something equally as important to go on the table. I love that they felt their 3 inch creation was as amazing as the 2 and 3 foot sculptures! I didn’t tell them anything different, of course.

After we spent a little time at the pool, we milled around. There was a toddler area (where we let them experiment for a few with the large, soft bricks), and then we continued on to look at some more displays. We even found a (brilliant) spot where the kids could chill out for a bit and just draw. The Animal had me almost in stitches in his resistance to actual coloring.

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard. My kindergartener’s sense of humor is so dry.

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The Animal loved with the opportunity to play some Minecraft on an X-Box (this device is on his wishlist). But Flash really just wanted to build. So, we split up for a little and let each boy do what made him happiest. Flash and I tried lots of combinations of bricks, and the Animal and Math Man had a little video game time.

lego brickfest wall of bricks

It was time for a snack, so we stopped and had some ice cream (it was their first time trying Dippin’ Dots!). As we were eating, we realized that there was a mini-golf area. The boys were curious, so we waited in line to play. I was impressed with the way the line moved. Yes, it was a little slow, but it wasn’t horrifying. Math Man and I didn’t opt to play, but each boy watched the kids and parents ahead of us in line and was excited. It was hilarious to watch them attempt to hold the club and hit at all. Each boy did get at least one hole-in-one! We see more mini-golf in our future!

Brickfest Lego Golf

Finally, we found the glow-in-the-dark Legos. The kids were amazed by the black lights and enjoyed finding the pieces of their outfits that glowed. I could have spent most of my time here as well. The music was pumping, and it was kind of relaxing to be in the dark!

To finish out our time, we went back to where we started: the brick wall. The boys built a little more, but when they realized that workers were cleaning off the wall they just had to pitch in and help. Plus, it was kinda fun to rip all the Legos off!

There were plenty of other areas we could have visited. We could have built our own race car and entered a competition. Or, we could have played with robotic Legos. We could have built with all-white Legos. For our boys (age 4 and 6), what we chose to do was just enough.

Will we go back? We absolutely will. In fact, the Animal has already told me that we must go back every year so he can practice his golf. Ha!


We received free tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.