In the fall, one of my most favorite traditions was always going to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. There’s just something about the excitement and the nostalgia that took me back every year. If you haven’t ever been, and you live in the area, there’s only one solution: Go!

The Renaissance Festival is absolutely representative of what life was like in the days of knights and kings and princesses and jousts. The shows will make you belly laugh or awe-struck, and the food will warm your body in the chill of the fall air.

One reason I always went back was to get my henna tattoo. I started getting henna tattoos long before I ever had my real tattoo (don’t get me started on that one), and it was always a pleasure to wait until the end of my time at the Festival before I sat still and let someone doodle on me! (Hint: It’s best to give the artist the opportunity to do whatever he/she would like to do. The artwork generally turns out way more intricate and interesting!)

henna on hand

When it comes to food, Math Man will generally always choose the turkey leg, but I’m partial to the bread bowls with either soup or chili. My favorite soup is the broccoli cheddar!

And for shows, be sure you don’t miss the Tortuga Twins or the singing nuns in their show, “Hey Nunnie Nunnie.” They are hilarious and completely irrelevant. Zilch the Torysteller will have your brain confused and giggling. How he speaks so quickly, I still struggle to understand!

Jousts are available to see on a schedule, and they progress in storyline. That means, if you go for the first, you’ll witness the conflicts and competition between the knights. It’s important to see the last joust to know who ultimately wins (and who, sometimes, loses his life!).

The Carolina Renaissance Festival is fun for all ages, but I would recommend taking a stroller or leaving the littlest ones at home if you’re like me and not the most “chill” when it comes to non-napped children!