Celebrations of a 5k Runner

About a year ago, I wrote my “Lamentations of a Wannabe Runner.” Boy has a lot changed since then!

Last night, I ran a 5k. THE WHOLE THING. This is a big deal because the furthest I’ve ever run has been 2 miles, and the longest I’ve ever run has been 30 minutes. But last night, I ran 3.1 miles in 40 minutes.

Several people may think this isn’t a great feat. But, I’d like to list my reasons – my celebrations – why my running a 5k in 40 minutes is awesome.

1. I just had a baby. Like, he’s only 14 weeks old.

2. I messed up my knee and have been wearing a brace on it.

3. I’m exhausted. My baby still wakes up twice in the night. Before he was born, I had the pregnant-lady-run-to-the-bathroom-in-the-middle-of-the-night path down pat. So, it’s been a while since I’ve had a full night’s rest.

4. Finding a time to run for training purposes has not been easy. We have a 6 year old, and she must be watched. The 3 month old cannot be left alone. If A’s at work, I can’t just go for a jog. So, we have to negotiate our time and our set-up.

5. I hate sweating. Like, SERIOUSLY hate it. In fact, I just said today, “The fact that I spent 40 minutes of my life running makes me want to vomit.” I’m in awe of people who run 10ks or half-marathons or MARATHONS. Yikes!

6. I’ve never run non-stop before. Sure, I’ve done a few 5ks, but I always stopped to walk. My sole goal was to run this entire 5k without stopping – and I did.

Let me explain something (and this is an embarrassing admission):

A little over a year ago, I ran/walked a 5k. Although I finished with a decent time, I was VERY disappointed with myself. I had it in my head that I was going to be able to run the whole thing. When I didn’t, I couldn’t get over how dejected I was. I kept my game face on for the group that was there at the end…said hi, waved, smiled. But, as soon as we were out of anyone’s viewing distance, I lost it. Flat out lost it and cried my eyes out. My husband wasn’t sure what to do with me. He was so confused that I was in tears. I couldn’t explain it to him. It wasn’t until just recently that I realized why I was so upset.

Didn’t help that I came in almost last. The only person I finished before was a guy who stopped to use the restroom in a corn field. And the fire trucks were right there with me. That’s moderately distracting, depressing, and motivation-sucking.

So, last night is a BIG deal. I’m so proud of myself. Sure, I had set this goal and planned to give myself a cake if I succeeded (you can see the cake up top). I can’t get over how good I feel right now.

Will I do another? Heck yeah. November 5th at 8:30, I will shave some time off and run the whole thing again.

Luckily, that’s around my mom’s birthday, so I can say that the cake that time is in her honor! 🙂

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