Check it out: The Baby Sleep Site

If you’re like me, you obsess over the naps and numbers of hours your baby sleeps. I obsessed with Miss Sassy Pants, and I’m currently obsessing with the Animal.

When the Animal hit around 4 months old, and I was CERTAIN he should be sleeping some regular hours, I started to panic. Miss SP had figured it out and was sleeping 7 to 630 every night from at least 6 months old. By 4 months, she was pretty regular with a few hiccups here and there. I just knew that my babies would be exactly the same (first mistake), and so I began to search for answers.
I happened upon this awesome website: The Baby Sleep Site. This website is filled with articles, tips, questions, and other resources all dedicated to healthy sleeping for babies (and ultimately, families). Nicole is the creator of the site, and she’s a typical mom – just like me. She had babies who were giving her a run for her money, she did a lot of research, and then she began helping other moms and dads.
I very quickly joined the site (for a small fee) and am now able to access the Member Chat on Wednesdays to talk with Nicole and other moms about babies and their sleeping. Nicole has really helped me calm down about the Animal’s sleeping and helped me see that he isn’t “weird” or trying to be difficult. 
The Baby Sleep Site is on Facebook. It has a Twitter account to follow (@babysleepsite), and every now and again, Nicole and her group will offer up contests like this one. How cool is that? They even offer some serious help by way of email packages, phone conversations, and more. 
Luckily for us, the Animal is starting to find his rhythm. Is everything perfect? Heck no! He’s a baby. Am I getting more sleep? Well, “more” can mean lots of things. 🙂
Go check out The Baby Sleep Site if for nothing else than to see that you aren’t the only crazy person out there worried about your baby’s zzzzz’s!

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