Choose to Be Nice Ambassador

Choose to Be Nice Ambassador

A few years ago, when I was teaching in a live, face-to-face, hybrid community college course, I wore my Choose to be Nice shirt to one of my final class meetings. As I walked across campus, students and other college go-ers noticed my shirt. They smiled. I felt like I was empowered by this shirt with a simple logo.

Now, I’ve joined the Choose to be Nice ambassadors group. Having always wondered why folks can’t just smile and be kind to one another, the mission of Choose to be Nice spoke to me.


Have you heard the stories about people who just simply pay it forward by buying someone’s coffee in the drivethru?

Or have you seen the videos that show the domino effect of a smile? One person’s day isn’t going so well, but another person smiles at them and their entire outlook changes? They smile at the next person, and voila – happy people all around.

That’s what Choose to Be Nice is about. I hope you’ll join me and make the promise to Choose to Be Nice. Make the promise here: Make the Choose to be Nice Promise (Be sure to use my Ambassador Referral Code (40).

In what ways do you Choose to be Nice?


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