Cold Days (A Poem)

Cold Days (A Poem)

We’ve been snowed in, as luck would have it, since Saturday. I write this post on a Wednesday. In the time that we’ve been dealing with the snow and ice (yes, it’s NC so there’s generally ice involved), we’ve had multiple things happen:

My work didn’t stop – I always have one more project or one more student text or one more email. I love the creative elements of my job(s), but I rarely get time to just relax for fear of missing a deadline.

Our house gets awful – When everyone is home, that means everyone gets bored. They can only go outside so much without getting too cold, so that means every toy in the universe must be brought out. Forget the lessons I’ve taught them on cleaning up what they’re playing with before bringing anything else out. They completely and conveniently forget this rule when I’m not right next to them.

Fights…oh the fights – As much as my kids love one another and would be willing to punch someone for one another, they keep fighting. It’s stupid stuff, too. “He made me take my boots and socks off!” Gracious.

Attempted exercise – When I get bored and feel stuck, I get anxious and willing to go outside and do things. Math Man suggested that I should pull Diva in the sled up to the post office. Bad. Choice. It was horrifying, and I was sweating. I hate that sort of physical exertion. The very next day, we needed to shovel our walkway in preparation for some workers. I was sweating again. And this time, I was only in a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Thus, it’s time for a poem. Our theme this month is timely. Enjoy.

Cold Days

Cold days cause
a lump of stress
the house is full
the floor’s a mess

Yes, the kids are home
and hubs is here
inevitable loss of
my holiday cheer

Work is still
upon my desk
when I finish one thing
there’s still something NEXT

Come play outside!
Build a snowman, Mom.
while I’m trying to work
on my next dot com

Cold days were fun
when I could nap and eat
but now they’ve become
a work-filled treat

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