DIY Memory Pillow

DIY Memory Pillow

Almost ten years ago, Math Man and I said, “I do,” in the most beautiful ever wedding. There are so many memories about the wedding itself, and most of them are mental images that I will hold on to forever. I find myself browsing the photo album just to relive the fun every now and again. But when I found a few shirts that I had from the event that I no longer wear (read: can’t wear anymore because mama had three babies after we got married), I decided to make a DIY Memory Pillow.

diy memory pillow

Fun fact, Math Man and I actually met via e-Harmony. When we’d been married for a year, I reached out to the company, and they sent me a t-shirt with our names and wedding year embroidered. Part of me was extremely embarrassed to ever wear it, but it was super cool to know that we’d been recognized as a success story.

For our wedding reception, I made myself an iron-on shirt that simply said, “Mrs. Richmond.” I was super excited to wear it until I tried it on. Even that many years ago, my eyes still wouldn’t admit that I was no longer twenty with a twenty-year old’s waist. So, it sat in a box gathering dust.

Likewise, my bridesmaids made the cutest set of rhinestone shirts. Mine, of course, said BRIDE, and I loved it. It fit perfectly, so I wore it to our girls’ weekend and the rehearsal dinner. Of course, after the wedding, it went in to the box as a memory.

Lately, I’ve been trying to use things that are just sitting around the house instead of letting them just sit. We’ve been using china that is nicer than our regular day china. We’ve let the kids use glasses instead of plastic cups because they need to learn how to use those, too.

With this in mind, I decided to create a collage that I could put on a pillow that would capture the memories and provide opportunities for more regular smiles.

Admittedly, I don’t sew. I’m super bad at it. If you saw the travel pillow that I created for Flash, you already know that I’m 100% sewing-challenged. Thus, I called on the best seamstress I know, my mom. Mom was more than willing to give me advice and then get her hands “dirty” helping me.

mom helping diy memory pillow

We have plans to tweak it some more, but for now, we’ve managed to use all three shirts, ribbon from my wedding, and left over rose petals. I’m pretty pumped about the path it’s taking.

Even if I leave it like this, it makes more sense to have this sort of memory pillow than to have all of these items filling space in boxes I’ll rarely ever open.

completed memory pillow

What would you like to make a pillow out of? Have you ever thought to make a t-shirt pillow or quilt or something similar?

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