DIY Tailgating Garland

DIY Tailgating Garland

September brings football, and football brings tailgating, right? Well, we never get out to go tailgating with the kiddos and such, but I do like to decorate the house for various reasons!

I like to get crafty when the mood strikes, and luckily Karen from Baking in a Tornado invited me to be part of a group of bloggers putting together Tailgating posts. When Miss Sassy Pants and I were walking through the craft store, we came across a garland that was made from strips of material. We decided we could make something like that out of things we have at the house — getting crafty and upcycling at the same time!

So, we started by gathering our old T-shirts. We chose the colors that went with our high school team (since Aaron works there and I graduated from there and used to work there).


Next, we ripped them into 1″ pieces. This was a bit frustrating at times because sometimes the rip didn’t want to happen easily. We cheated a bit with scissors. This was one of the most fun parts because we didn’t have to pay attention. We watched a movie and had girl talk.

2 garland photo

Then, we used our rope from the garage (one Aaron was willing to part with) and started tying knots. Miss Sassy Pants did the first half, and I did the second half. We misjudged our length. In the future, I would not precut the rope and just tie things on until I hit the needed length. Regardless, I think it turned out pretty great!

3 garland photo

It always makes me feel so smart to take an idea I’ve seen in the store and do it myself. I give you my DIY Tailgating Garland – all the stuff was already in the house and just going to waste.


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  1. First off, it’s cool that you had the kids join in. I’m not sure my control freakishness would allow it, lol. Second, how awesome to have something you can take to game day, pretty much for any sport. I was just thinking baseball/softball season would be great for the back of your tailgate. Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

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