DIY Window Garden

DIY Window Garden

I’ve been envious of cute pins I’ve seen on Pinterest where folks have created the cutest farmhouse kitchens and decor. Having lived in this particular house for less than a year, I’ve been yearning to redecorate in a way that would make the house truly ours. Not that I don’t love my parents and appreciate their decorative style…but I wanted things to look like we lived here rather than looking like we were simply visiting with all of our stuff. Window gardens were one idea that I just loved, and eventually I took the plunge and created my own.

My sister-in-law has this uncanny ability to find stuff anywhere at any store and just mentally decorate with it. Her house is absolutely stunning and perfectly matched and coordinated. At Christmas, I told her I really needed her to come to my house and give me some ideas, affirmations, suggestions…whatever she was willing to offer.

A little before New Year’s, she did just that. We walked through the kitchen — where we’ve been focusing our attention for now — and affirmed some of my ideas. Hand-made burlap valances. Simple burlap wreaths. Where to hang the cool sign my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. And finally, the window garden.

DIY Window Garden

Mostly, I wanted something to go over the sink that wasn’t typical valances. The kitchen gets beautiful light from those windows, and the only time it’s a “problem” is right around 5 or 6 pm. Of course, that’s when it shines in on our kitchen table where we’re eating, so one lucky family member is slightly blinded or eating with a squint.

My sister-in-law opened up Pinterest and showed me a pin. Wouldn’t you know it was the exact pin I had seen and loved? So we started planning. I’d need containers, something to go in them, a simple way to hang them. I thanked her for confirming my decorative ideas (yay me!), and Math Man and I began to plan.

The Plan

I went to the stores to try to find the little tin vases she and I had discussed. I wasn’t willing to pay what the regular craft stores were asking, and I wasn’t finding them at any of the dollar stores. That’s when it hit me: canning jars!

We went through our stash and gathered what we needed. Then, it was time to hit the craft stores.

My sister-in-law had reminded me that many of the stores offer killer sales here and there. Wouldn’t you know that suddenly I received an email from one of them for 40% off the picks I was wanting? So, Baby Diva and I headed that way.

Gathering Materials

The materials I purchased were picks at 40% off, moss with a 50% off coupon, and some twine in the burgundy that would match the accents in the kitchen. I thought this would make the burgundy pop. I also was sure to grab some picks that had the burgundy or pinks and reds in them.

On hand, I already had the mason jars and some crafter’s wire. When I couldn’t figure out how to attach the jars to my tension rods (also already on hand), I remembered that I had book rings in the craft cabinet that I’d never found a reason to use!

jar attachment window garden

Next it was just the matter of deciding which pick to put in which jar. So, I added moss first and then started divvying up the picks.

Final Product!

At this point, I’m loving the way they look, but they do list to the side a bit. I’m considering adding a jump ring of some sort between the wire and the book ring to help them hang facing forward.

In the long run, with materials I had on hand and the coupons I used at the craft store, I spent less than $20 for a super cute DIY Window Garden. This was a perfect project for a cold wintery day, and it added that bit of outside fun to the kitchen. Plus, I don’t have to worry about killing these plants, but they still look awesome!

panoramic window garden

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