Easy Twitter Party Guide

Easy Twitter Party Guide

What in the HECK is a Twitter party? And how do I attend one? You need a Twitter party guide!

twitter party guide

The first time I attended a Twitter party, I was overwhelmed at best. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it flew by so quickly that I decided I didn’t really like the entire experience. But this feeling has changed since getting used to basic Twitter procedures!

Basic Tips…

1. You’ll need an account. This part is easy. Go to twitter.com and sign up. You’ll want a Twitter handle that doesn’t embarrass you or that you’re happy to stick with.

2. Find out which party you’re wanting to attend. There are lots of parties out there. If you’ve been directed to Twitter for one by a blog or Facebook page you’re following, you probably already know which party you’re attending. Otherwise, you can use something like a Twitter party calendar page like TweeParties, Inc., for help.

3. RSVP if you need to. Some parties require an RSVP at the host’s site in order to win any prizes that are being offered.

4. Use one of the free Twitter party tools that are available. My favorite is TweetDeck (explained in video below). Other options include TweetChat andTweetGrid.

5. Use the hashtag. A hashtag is a word, phrase, or abbreviation prefaced with this symbol: #. It’s kind of like a category, and it helps to gather all tweets that include the hashtag. So, if you’re looking to #win something, you can search for #win and find all tweets that have been categorized as such. If the party was to be hosted by my blog, I might use the hashtag of #clutteredgenius. You’d want this in all of your tweets in order to make sure your responses and brilliant ideas appear in other people’s feeds for the party (including the host who will be drawing for prizes!).

6. Participate! The host will ask questions (usually will look something like: Q1: WHAT DOES GENIUS MEAN TO YOU? #clutteredgenius), and to participate, you simply respond with something like: A1: Genius means being smart or brilliant. Or myself. 🙂 #clutteredgenius @lydsrich). Notice that I included the question number, the answer, the hashtag, and the Twitter handle of the person who asked the question.

7. Be patient. This is especially important if this is your first Twitter party. It’s most likely going to move quickly. Use the tools I’ve explained so that you are less frustrated.

A Visual for You…

I created a video for you to give you an idea of how to use TweetDeck, how to follow hashtags, and how to basically participate in a Twitter party:


Still have questions? Hit me with them in the comments.


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