Ellie Claire Art Journals (A Review)

Ellie Claire Art Journals (A Review)

Over the years, I’ve seen friends sharing pictures of how they’ve begun doodling, if you will, in their Bibles. I wasn’t sure what to make of this — it’s beautiful, but something about writing in there makes me feel weird. Or irreverent. Something. But journaling with verses and fancy lettering and doodles? That I can get in to. Enter the Ellie Claire Art Journals.

The Journals

The journals by Ellie Claire offer grown-up art support in the style of Biblical journaling. My favorite of the three I was sent is the Faith & Lettering Journal. This journal has simple “tutorials” with pages for tracing and practicing and then more pages for trying it on my own.

faith and lettering journal

Craftiness is something I’ve been trying to embrace this year, so the Faith & Lettering Journal is a perfect fit. The pen loop on the side is amazing for me (I’m always losing my pen — and we all know a good journaling pen is hard to find!), and I really enjoy the updated and very contemporary style of the journal.


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Having fun trying to learn lettering!

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My teenager judged me on my inability to make my first attempt of the words. But my five year old was supportive and reminded me to practice and practice. The pages say the same thing using an awesome theory I’ve learned from my friend, Dave, about working 15 minutes a day on something. It’s an effective tool!

Other Options

Ellie Claire has other options for journals, too. The others that I received are absolutely gorgeous. There’s The Illustrated Word and Illuminate Your Story. You know the old Bibles that one would find in an older and very traditional church? That style of Bible was often crafted by a monk or a scribe. These journals help you learn to write in that manner and to still be reflective in your journaling process.

art journals

The Illuminate your Story journal has the little pen holder on the side, too! And mixed in to the The Illustrated Word are coloring pages much like the adult coloring books you can find today!

If you’re looking for a journal or a gift for a journal-loving friend, I highly recommend the Ellie Claire journals!

I received product in exchange for my honest review.

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