Miss Sassy Pants turned 9 in January, but just yesterday it really dawned on me: I am a MOM.


You’d think after giving birth to three babies, this wouldn’t have been such a grand realization. You’d think that after all the diapers I’ve changed or baths I’ve given or barfs I’ve cleaned up that I wouldn’t have been surprised to figure this out.

Somewhere in the midst of all the busy and crazy that is mom-ing, it hadn’t really dawned on me. Couple that with the fact that I still feel like it’s the 90s and I’m starting college (yeah, I’m stuck way back when), and that moment of epiphany was a real eye-opener.

So what was the moment? I had to sign a progress report. Yes, a progress report. I’m not sure why, but in the moment that I sat here at my desk and looked at her grades, it dawned on me that I am fully responsible for the lives of three little people. I may feel like the cool aunt, but I’m totally and completely these kids’ mom.

At some point, I shifted from being this young girl just starting her teaching career to a mom of three who stays at home in a messy house to be with my babies. While I’m still trying to be as professional as I can in this world, my children come first. It only took me three years of being here in all my yoga-pant-bad-hair-no-shoes glory to have it sink in.

When did it truly dawn on you that you were a parent?