Everyone Should Have a Heather

Everyone Should Have a Heather

I’ve had a lot of friends through the years. And because I’m very sentimental, I have done my darndest to keep up with them. As we all know, friends can drift away especially when college and jobs and husbands and babies come along. I do keep in touch, though, with most of the friends that I’ve deemed a BFF at some point. In fact, my very first BFF — whom I’ve known since I was one? — is my friend on Facebook. I’m lucky to get to watch her boys grow up even though it’s through the computer.

Heather and I have been friends since high school. I sat down next to her on the first day of school in our Marketing class. We were both relatively new to the school even though she had started the year before. We hit it off immediately.

Since high school, Heather and I have been through so much together. We lived together for a little during college, and we threw some really fun parties (which we called “darties” but you have to pronounce as “daaahhhties”). Late night runs to the grocery store. Movies and pizza and spaghetti. Lining our shelves with shelf liner because that’s what you do in your new home. Living with Heather was my first experience at living on my own. It was great.

High school graduation - aren't we adorable?
High school graduation – aren’t we adorable?

We also have endured some pain together. Heather was the only person in my entire life to tell me — to my face — that I was making a huge mistake. And when that mistake was over, she was right there to help me pick up the pieces. She always has my back and supports me no matter what I’m doing — but she’s always honest.

When things happen in my day, I generally text two people: Aaron (my husband) and Heather. Sometimes, I even text Heather more than Aaron (oops). See?


And we have plans for the future. We’re going to be famous, and she’s going to be rich because of it:


When I need to decide where I’m going to shop? Heather is there to help me.


And we even have rare opportunities to see each other in person (even though we only live about thirty minutes apart!). Stomach bugs won’t even keep us apart:


Everyone needs a Heather. Everyone needs someone who can be a sounding board, a cheerleader, and a laughing partner. Everyone needs someone to go hear Buffett with who won’t judge you for your absolute ridiculous excitement over seeing this old guy sing on stage (from the sixth row!).


Who is your Heather?


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5 thoughts on “Everyone Should Have a Heather”

  1. I have a Heather, only her name is Julie. I actually posted about her today because she totally made my day yesterday. She’s got my back on a regular basis and I hers. (Is that bad grammar? I seriously hope not, especially here!)
    Once you find a Heather (or a Julie) you can’t ever let them go!!

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