We're Expecting! Six Best Gifts for Parents-to-Be

We're Expecting! Six Best Gifts for Parents-to-Be

Your friends have revealed that they are expecting a little one. Whether they already have children or this will be their first baby, things will change for the couple. There are some gifts that you can purchase for the new parents that they are sure to enjoy for themselves, and some that they can use with the new baby.

We're Expecting, Six Best Gifts for Parents-to-Be

Helping the Parents

This is a gift that does not cost any money. After the baby is born, you can offer to clean the home, or prepare a meal for the parents. This will help them more than anything because they will be changing diapers and making sure the little one is getting adjusted to the new home.

Bath Products

The luxuries of taking a hot bath will probably be a thing of the past when the new baby arrives. You can make a gift basket with soaps and bath salts that the mother can use to relax in the evening. The father can also use these products after a long day at work. The Art of Shaving has several shaving accessories that the new father can use at home or in the hospital while he is staying with the mother. Try to get scents that are soothing such as lavender or vanilla.


Most parents, especially those who are expecting their first child, want the nursery to be as close to perfect as possible. You can aid in this endeavor by getting a special decoration, such as a picture frame with the baby’s name or a piggy bank to set on a shelf. Quilts are also a gift that will carry special meaning because they can be handmade, showcasing the love you have for the parents.


Some parents might not be financially able to purchase everything that is needed for the new baby. You might not be able to get the crib or changing table, but you can go in with someone else to get a swing or high chair for the new baby.

Gift Cards

If you don’t know what the parents like, then get a gift card. This is as good as anything else they could receive because they can get the items needed. Try to get a universal card that can be used at any store and not one that is for one specific place.


If you know what the baby will be, then make a basket that is gender specific. If not, then use items that can be for a boy or girl. Include lotions, baby shampoos, blankets and other items that the parents can use when the baby comes home.

A new baby brings joy to the life of the parents. However, it can be time consuming taking care of the newborn. Offer any kind of help that you think the parents will need and accept. Don’t make your presence too involved because you want to give the parents time to be with their new addition. Try to give gifts that will make the transition or addition to parenthood smooth.

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