Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Since March, outings have been limited. That means this family of 6 has spent an awful lot of time together. Before the shut down, getting the kids to sit still during a movie was close to impossible. Too many other options were available. Things have changed a bit, and family movie night has become a regular occurrence. Because we have quite the span of ages in our house, I thought I’d share our favorites from the last few months.

Avengers and Superhero Anything

Short of a few words that we’ve had to discuss (why they’re “bad,” why we don’t say them, etc.), superhero movies are the #1 choice in our house. They have excellent lessons and tons of action. Our kiddos are especially excited about the movies that have more than one piece (example: Ant-Man and then Ant-Man and the Wasp).

Harry Potter

Sassy Pants (the teen) has been a fan of Harry for a long time. Only recently, Flash (7) has decided he’d like to learn more. We watched the firstĀ Harry PotterĀ just recently. Short of some action that may be deemed scary, the story and movie are great for all of us!

Shark Boy and Lava Girl

I still can’t understand why they like this movie so much, but there are zero inappropriate elements to the movie. Plus, you get to see Jacob the Werewolf in his early days.

Teen Titans Go to the Movies.

The littles already like the cartoon, but then they came out with a film-length episode. This was quite the hit for our kids this summer, and they’ve watched it several times. The humor is excellent across the board, and I’ll admit that the episode where Robin is searching for his butt had me giggling.

Avatar (not anime)

Yes, I’m talking the movie with the blue people. It’s an amazing film in so many ways, and our kids love it. I think we’ve watched it at least 6 times. There is some language, so if you’re uncomfortable with your kids hearing it, I’d avoid. But we’ve had long, factual conversations with our kids regarding curse words. They don’t use them and understand why they’re inappropriate.


I finally convinced Diva (5) to watch Cinderella. I’ve been asking her for months to watch with me, and because she’s a Diva she has said no. Finally I convinced her, and of course she (and the boys) loved it. Now to move through my other favorites as a child!

What movies has your family enjoyed?

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