Far Cry 3 and 7 Ways to Escape Daily Stress

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The holidays are over, decorations are put away, and there have been a few weeks to decompress and get back to regular life. Of course, regular life brings with it regular stressful “stuff” like school, cookie sales, a messy house, new students, and more. Normally, I would head outside for a walk when I’m feeling the pressures of normal life setting in. Seeing as how it’s the middle of winter and today’s high is only 34, that just doesn’t happen all the time.

When I need to de-stress and get myself back to the even-keeled mama that I am, I use one of these techniques:

  • Dancing – I love to dance, and getting my body moving definitely helps me shift my focus to things that I love instead of things that I loathe. Recently, I can be found dancing to games like Hip Hop Dance Experience or Just Dance 4. These are my favorites, and the kids enjoy either watching or joining in as well.
  • I gel out with some social media – Lots of people say they hate Facebook these days because it’s a time-suck. Honestly, that’s helpful for me at times. I can escape from my stress-filled work for a few moments and laugh at the ridiculous memes people post. Some of them are really good.
  • Play with the kids – While my children can sometimes be the stressors in my life, I do love them with all my heart. Sometimes, I just need to stop everything else and play with my kids. They are brilliant little beings who won’t stay little forever.
  • A good old fashioned book – Sometimes it’s an actual hand-held book, and sometimes it’s on my eReader. Either way, it’s really nice to disappear into someone else’s world or life for a little bit and ignore what’s going on around me.
  • Mindless TV – Much like that book, TV can really help me escape. Unlike a book, it really limits my time in front of the screen. One hour of Grey’s Anatomy a week is enough to reset my brain and hide away for a bit in another world.
  • Talking to the man – I really like my husband. It’s kind of why I married him. Talking to him often helps me “defrag…” especially when he’s been gone all day at work, and I’ve only been with 2 kids for “real” communication.
  • Crafts – I’ve actually sort of rediscovered my love for crafty stuff. I have recently begun making bows and jewelry. I always thought I loved scrapbooking, but every time I try to start, I get annoyed. But give me stuff to do with my hands – bows, bracelets, etc. – and I’m a happy gal!crafts


What are ways that you escape from the regular stresses of life? I’d love to hear about them!

Remember, Far Cry 3 is the Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day. Check it out: http://clvr.li/FC3Gold. You can get it for PlayStation 3, XBox, or PC.


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