Finding out if it's a boy or girl

Finding out if it's a boy or girl

Today was the big day. I even went to bed early last night so that this morning would come faster. It was like Christmas Eve, and I felt like a little kid again. It was the day we were finding out if we were having a boy or a girl!


Of course, the morning went slowly. Then, when we got to the doctor’s office, we were told, “Well, 15 weeks is a little too early. You should have waited until 18 weeks.” Hormones started raging in my chest. Seriously – we were told that this was the time to come in because I was of Advanced Maternal Age. We were told that there’d be no problem seeing anything today. So, I spoke up. The geneticist let me know that they’d still do the ultrasound but we may not see everything as clearly as we’d need. Ok then.

Much later, we were called back into the ultrasound room. Lisa was super sweet, and she was really awesome about showing us the baby’s “parts.” We saw fingers and toes and legs and lips. We saw a strong heart and an umbilical cord that did not have a Single Umbilical Artery.

Baby’s heartrate was 144. I said, “Well there you go. It’s a boy.” The ultrasound technician smiled and said, “You’re going to stick with that?”

Then she said, “I don’t normally like to tell people before 16 weeks, and the doctor will need to verify but….”

And then a little later the doctor confirmed:


Yup. Miss Sassy Pants is beside herself. The Animal thinks we’re having a boy and a girl (he’d been voting for boy). Flash has no clue but finally started patting my belly tonight and saying, “Baby!”

Ach! I can’t believe it. The Old Wives’ Tales even threw me. I just knew we were having a boy!

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7 thoughts on “Finding out if it's a boy or girl”

  1. My 1st born had one umbilical artery and 1 vein. We didn’t know this until after birth however.
    He has been healthy throughout the years, and is now 28 Yrs old.
    Best wishes and Congratulations!

    1. There are so many things that can completely freak us out. With my first, I knew so little – and that pregnancy was less stressful in many ways!

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