First Aid Badge (and Safety Pin)

First Aid Badge (and Safety Pin)

At my church, our Girl Scout troop ranges in age from Daisy to Cadette. We are a relatively small troop (we have 20), but we have quite the range of ages and interests. When it comes to creating a lesson and group activity that will actively engage all of my girls, I have to get creative. This week, we earned our First Aid Badge and Safety Pin.

I did a lot of searching for free materials. While I found plenty, none really fit what I envisioned for my troop. I wanted something that was more than just a worksheet. I wanted something that was more than just a flyer. I find it important for my girls to be active learners. There is a strange balance that must be met between my kindergartners and my 6th grade Cadettes. So, I took all of that into consideration before making a foldable activity.

earning safety pin first aid badge

We started our meeting with our traditional welcome and reciting of our Girl Scout Promise and Law. Then, I talked to them for a few moments about our goal for the night.

Next, we split into our age groups so we could focus at age-appropriate levels. Each set of girls received a printed foldable. The Daisies and Brownies already had theirs cut. The Juniors and Cadettes were given the chance to cut their own.

first aid and safety foldable

Then, each set of girls received a set of cut outs. Each leader sat with the girls while they put the specific sentences into the correct categories. This allowed for conversation about the tips and safety rules so that the girls could learn these important bits of information.

first aid and safety printable with sentences

When they were done matching sentences to categories, they glued. Then, they colored. Because crayons and markers.

Download all the materials I created here. Use ’em and share ’em all you want. I give you my permission.

First Aid Badge/Pin Foldable and Extras

This wasn’t the end of our badge/pin-earning evening. In addition to talking about these basic bits of knowledge, we also had First Responders come in to speak to the girls, and each girl made a First Aid kit (starter) to take home. Then, we spent the next meeting reviewing and practicing some of what we learned.

I found this awesome resource from Girl Scout Leader 101 about Cadettes as I searched for something a little more advanced for my older girls. GREAT information and ideas here!

What other activities have you used to help your Girl Scouts earn the First Aid badge and Safety pin?

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing this excellent foldable! Looks great and so easy to use. I look forward to sharing it with my Daisies and their families as they prepare to earn their Safety Pins!

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