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Somewhere around the time I was pregnant with Sassy Pants (now 12), I discovered a deep love and appreciation for salmon. As strange as that sounds, I had spent the majority of my life only eating fish sticks or tuna. While both are still delicious, my palate has grown up, and I truly love a well-seasoned salmon dish when I get the chance. Cooking salmon, however, is not the most fun or the easiest. Nor is it the least foul-smelling. I’ve tried to grill salmon and only been disappointed by the results. That is, until I tried the fish basket from Cave Tools.

Already a fan of Cave Tools and the products they offer, I was pumped to try out a grilling tool that would allow me to keep the salmon out of the house and not sticking to the grill itself.

The fish basket locks the piece of fish in place. Now, I will point out that this piece of salmon was rather large, so the basket wouldn’t quite “lock.”

fish basket up close

I put the fish on the grill and checked regularly (I’m not the best at NOT burning grilling meat). When it was time to eat, the outside of the salmon was perfectly seared while the inside was perfectly cooked.

Better yet, I didn’t have salmon stuck to the grill and stinking up the house — something that basically keeps me from cooking salmon and enjoying one of my favorites.

fish basket completely grilled

In the future, I will absolutely grease or spray the basket as pieces did stick to that. Additionally, I will point out again that a thicker piece of fish may not allow the basket to click or lock shut.

All in all, I love the fish basket and certainly see myself using it regularly. And the bonus? It’s dishwasher safe!

fish basket dinner complete

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I received this product free in exchange for my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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