Five Creative Holiday Date Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

Five Creative Holiday Date Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

You’re past the first date butterflies and not quite at the honeymoon phase, so keeping it interesting takes a little work. If you’re part of a newly engaged couple, there’s a good chance you’ve already been on hundreds of dates with your significant other. There’s an even better chance that you two have fallen back on the boring dinner-and-a-movie date one time too many times. An important part of maintaining a healthy marriage is keeping the excitement alive, and there’s no better time to revive your love life than the holiday season.

Collage of Christmas time

Go to a monster truck show

So, you’re sick of ice skating rinks, holiday light shows, and other Christmas cliches. What could be more exciting and ridiculous than going to a monster truck show? Just picture it: neon-colored vehicles with obscenely large wheels leaping over dirt hills and crashing into one another to the roar of a redneck crowd. Chow down on big, greasy hot dogs, wash them down with cold beers and get ready to scream until your lungs ache. The Monster Jam show tours the country every year, so it should be easy to find tickets to a show near you during the holidays.

Skimp with Secret Santa

The holidays are so excessively commercialized that it’s easy to forget what they’re really all about. Set a budget limit with your significant other and focus on creative, personalized gifts this year. This will also give you both a little extra to allot to the big day. Surprise her with FTD’s Christmas flowers and add a few sweets to seal the deal. At, you can get your own set of personalized M&M’s for sweet messages and even pictures of the happy couple.


The holidays bring about lots of opportunities to volunteer, a special experience to share with your significant other. is an excellent resource for finding opportunities near you that fit your schedule. You can even make your own volunteer opportunity by shopping for presents together and dropping them off at a homeless shelter for children. You can also cook a nice meal together and serve it at a soup kitchen.

Iron Chef: holiday style

If you’re as obsessed with the Food Network as most engaged couples, you probably watch a lot of “Iron Chef,” “Chopped,” “Cupcake Wars” and other competition-based cooking shows. Why not have your own mini version of “Iron Chef” at home to see who can prepare the best holiday drink? Feel free to invite friends for this one to increase the stakes. Create a layout of Christmas-themed ingredients, such as egg nog, rum, cranberry juice, coffee, cocoa, cinnamon sticks, ginger, mint and plenty of fruit. Get creative with it and have fun!

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