Five Minute Friday: Fly

Five Minute Friday: Fly

It’s another Five Minute Friday. Today’s word? Fly

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Last night, Miss Sassy Pants — who is going to be 9 in a little over a month!?!? — had a PTA Thanksgiving program. They sang patriotic songs; wore red, white, and blue; and made me get all stupid and misty.

When did 9 years go by?

My 2 year old will officially be 2 and 1/2 next week. He’s using real sentences and using reasoning like an old kid.

How did he grow up so quickly?

And the baby? This weekend, he’ll be 7 months. Crawling, trying to pull up, laughing at stuff that’s funny instead of just laughing because he’s a baby.

We’re over half-way through his first year.

The days literally fly by…even though they feel like they are dragging.

My mom continues to remind me that she had three babies under five at one time. Eventually, she had a total of five kids. Dad was in the military and was gone a lot of days. She did it, many days, all by herself. Her advice to me recently has been, “Put one foot in front of the other, and take it day by day.”

And so I have. I try to focus on today’s goals instead of obsessing over what may happen in a couple of weeks.

You know what? It has helped my attitude. But the days? They are flying.

I try to soak up every funny and precious thing the kids do. I try to burn into my memory the sweet smiles they have over something new they learn.

Pictures and journals and Facebook statuses are what help me look back at these quickly passing days to help me remember.

This time is indeed fleeting. Soon, I’ll have all of my kids in school, and I won’t know what to do with myself.

Do your days fly by?


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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fly”

  1. Yes, they do. My Miss Sassy Pants is moving to Moldova in June…she will be 34 and I remember her at 9 just like it was yesterday. I loved this post. It was a tender one for me. Stopping in from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Grey Barn Stories. I can’t get to the person before me’s site, so I’m just roaming around reading this am.

    I distinctly remember thinking to myself as a young parent. “These days are going to fly by.” And they did.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! God bless,

  3. while the minutes might crawl…the days do fly by. It seems like one day its all diapers and crying and late night feedings and the next is college visits, and graduations, and skyping the kids far, far away.
    Hug those sweet ones to slow down those days as much as possible.

  4. Mine do! Just recently I have run into a few people who knew me pre-kid and I haven’t seen since then. It is surreal how much has changed in that time, but it feels like just yesterday I saw these people.

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