Fly on the Wall: February 2017

Fly on the Wall: February 2017

This month. Since my last Fly on the Wall in January, I’ve found very little time to really sit and write. And that’s a sad thing considering part of my schtick is teaching people and encouraging folks to write.

I’m going to phone it in this month and show you images from my Instagram feed that kind of sum it all up.

fly on the wall feb 2017

We’re trying to clean up and make a big change this summer. That means cleaning up books. Then, I get help from Baby Diva:

It got weirdly warm in North Carolina for a few days. In fact, it was so warm there were days that we chose to wear capris and t-shirts. On this particular day, I was teased by the warm weather only to get outside and find that it was starting to shift back to chilly. Of course.

It’s springy here on Feb 1…a beautiful day in the neighborhood. 😜 These two can’t get enough of being outside.

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The Animal (5) is obsessed/addicted/in love with all things gaming. One of his favorite channels on YouTube is FGTeeV where they often will play video games. As one of his obsessions is Minecraft, and he begged and begged (and worked to earn) to have Minecraft on the computer, he couldn’t wait to share the good news with the folks at FGTeeV.

I am dying at the comment my 5 year old left on @fgteevofficial

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So we were visiting my parents’ house, and Flash (3) discovered a caterpillar on their porch. It allowed for about a 10 minute science lesson (and touching) about caterpillars. I’m pretty sure this one was dying, but I did move him to a nearby tree instead of forcing him to suffer on the porch with no protection. Flash says that it felt like, “gummy bears.”

This one seems to sum up how we have felt at the house of Genius in the last month. Lots of stuffy noses, quite a bit of coughing, tons of whining and tantrums. But, there’s always the post-tantrum snuggle…and that makes it all worth it (for about 2 minutes).

Sometimes you need a post-tantrum snuggle. ❤️️

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