Gifts for Dad from Preschoolers

Gifts for Dad from Preschoolers

When your husband or dad already has all the things, it’s hard to decide what to give him for Father’s Day. My husband would say he needs nothing, but that’s no fun.

I do my best to try to create things that are useful and won’t collect dust or end up in the trash. In fact, that’s my life’s mission with the upcoming VBS and Girl Scout crafts I’ll be helping with in the coming months.

So, I decided that my kids and I would create and share ideas for great gifts for dad from preschoolers that he’ll actually want to keep.

Handprint Collage

Who doesn’t love a collage of their kids’ hands? This was one we actually created as his gift for last Father’s Day. We had to use Baby Diva’s footprint because she was so little and kept balling up her hand.

image1 (2)

I let each of the kids choose their paint color, and the boys were perfectly content getting messy. Sassy Pants is well versed in hand print art.

He loved it, and we display it proudly in our living room. In years to come, this will be a really fun one to look back at and compare hand (or foot) sizes.

Date Pennies

Technically, I made this for Math Man for our anniversary, but the kids helped me look for each of the pennies. It was really fun to teach them about coins and about numbers. The Animal has always been interested in math and numbers, so he was my biggest helper. Flash just wanted to play with coins.


Each of the pennies on this infinity sign has a meaning. Some of them are just our years of college or high school graduations. But the last few are our wedding and then babies’ birth years.

He really loved this gift, too, and it will be another awesome memory to keep close. We display it on the mantle for all to see.

Dad Book

Probably my favorite of all the gifts is the Daddy Book the boys helped me create. We chose to do this as a craft while Baby Diva was sleeping. I prompted the with, “My daddy is…” and they filled in the blanks for each of the pages.

image1 (4)

My problem with the craft came in getting them to take time to draw pictures to go with each item. I should have allowed for more time to prep this one so that they could perhaps draw or color a picture each day.

image1 (5)

Making the book is really quite simple. Just a piece of paper and some scissors is all it takes to make a mini-book. I’ve had Sassy Pants make many of these over the years for various reasons.


making book

  1. Gather your simple materials: printer paper & scissors
  2. Fold paper “hotdog” style 1 time
  3. Fold paper in half “hamburger” style twice
  4. Unfold – You should see 8 sections
  5. Fold along the middle crease “hamburger” style
  6. Use the scissors to make one single cut from the folded side. Only cut the one single section.
  7. Open and fold again in “hotdog” style
  8. Hold the outer ends to push in and make a diamond. Then, flatten down until you have your finished book!


What types of gifts do your kids like to make for Dad on Father’s Day?

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  1. I love all of these ideas because they are so personal. I have an art gallery, 2 walls of a stairway filled with the kids’ artwork framed and proudly displayed. There’s no question how much we value gifts made with love.

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