Groovebook: Review and Coupon Code

Groovebook: Review and Coupon Code

You know how you take about a billion pictures with your iPhone and then you have to take the time to go through the process of uploading them to your computer so you can print them?

What if you could print the pictures in an easy way via a really simple app? Let me tell you about Groovebook!


Groovebook works with iPhones to help users upload their pictures and have a book sent to them monthly. How easy is that? Instead of going through some ridiculous long process, you can get your pictures automatically sent to you on a monthly basis!

I decided that before I wrote about Groovebook, I wanted to try it. Considering Flash had just joined the family, the opportunity was timely. I had a phone full of pictures of our newest baby, and printing them needed to be easy. Chasing three kids isn’t easy — something needed to be!

Downloading the Groovebook app was simple. Then, it immediately began “talking” to my phone. I was able to choose the pictures I wanted included in my first Groovebook. If I changed my mind, I could easily go in and “uncheck” that photo.

To sign up for an account, I did include my credit card information. This allowed me to be set up for future printings as well.

Groovebooks are free. The only charge is a small $2.99 for shipping.

Your first Groovebook will require 100 photos to be uploaded and printed. After that, the minimum is 40 pictures.

Still have questions? Be sure to check out this video from Groovebook or the FAQs they have on their site.

When you sign up for your account, be sure to use this coupon code: GENIUSGROOVE. With this coupon, you’ll get your first Groovebook COMPLETELY free. That means, you get the printed book AND the shipping/handling for free.

If you decide after receiving your book that you don’t want to use the services anymore, you can cancel at any time.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Give Groovebook a chance, and let me know how you like it! Have fun!

Disclosure: I received a free Groovebook in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. From the app, how can I use a code to get a free GROOVEBOOK? There is no possible way (that I see) to enter one in.

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