He is Always There – Psalm 11

He is Always There – Psalm 11

How often do we find ourselves feeling alone? I don’t mean alone because we gloriously have 20 minutes at the grocery store sans children or significant other but rather, utterly and completely alone?

In my life, I’ve been lucky enough to not feel completely alone too often. There was a time when I thought my world was caving in on me, and I wondered what I’d done wrong to make things so bad. Surely it was the end, and I’d never find a way to crawl out of the blackhole that had formed around me. It was an ugly time, and all these years later, I can look back to see that I wasn’t alone. Ever.

Since finding out that Flash has one umbilical artery and freaking out about it, I have to say that I never truly felt that same impending doom. Yes, I was afraid — the nurse who called with the information wasn’t very warm or full of explanations. I had to turn to Google for a description of what this meant and could mean for our unborn baby. (And let me just say that while the Internet is brimming with information, it really isn’t reliable…in case you were wondering.)

Friends and family were sending us texts and emails and Facebook notes to encourage us. And one special friend, SBW, sent me a verse from Psalm 11. It reminded me that while I may feel discouraged, I’m not alone. He is always there.

My friend, Richard over at Naked Eye Graphic Design, turned the verse into a meme for me. I’m sharing in hopes that when or if you feel alone or swimming in a blackhole, you can remember that no matter what, God is always there. He’s not going anywhere.



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