I Love You Just Because (Review & Giveaway)

I Love You Just Because (Review & Giveaway)

In our family, we work hard to celebrate everyone’s differences.

Sassy Pants is our oldest. She’s loud (it’s a good thing), and she’s bright and has always been precocious. She’s a little bossy, but she has a genuine heart. If I could guess, she’ll work in a field where she’s in charge and making a difference.

The Animal is particular. Things must go a certain way, and he’s not entirely happy if what he expects to happen doesn’t turn out exactly as he’s planned. My magic 8 ball tells me he’ll do something with engineering or computer coding, and he’ll be amazing at it.

Flash is our jokester. Since he was a baby, he’s been able to make us laugh, and he’s had a certain quirk about him that has always caused me to call him a little old man. I believe he’s our empath, and I see him leading charges to change the world or doing stand-up comedy. He’s only three, so it’s hard to tell quite yet.

Baby Diva is only one. So far, she’s shown us that she’s quick to learn and not afraid to stand up for herself. She is mostly calm and collected, but she can flip the switch and go postal if she needs. Because she’s so little, it’s hard to make a guess for what she’ll do in the future. So I’ll just say she’s going to be the one who works through all the fine tuning and keep a level head in a project and group setting. She is the fourth kid and, as a fourth kid, I know how amazing we can be. 😉

The differences in our children is what makes me love them so much. And other than my “favorite” changing daily based on who is napping, I don’t really have moments where I think one is “better” than another.

That’s the point of I Love You Just Because.

i love you just because title

This sweet rhyming children’s book is about a family of five. The three children bears are different: Polar, Brown, and Panda. Each has his or her own personality quirks and traits, and the mother and father bears reassure them daily that they are loved for those differences.

i love you just because page

Flash, in particular, loved this book. I could tell that he enjoyed the cadence of the rhymes, and he certainly loved the images. Interspersed are verses from Scripture that reinforce God’s love for all that He has created.

i love you just because inside

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From the Publisher:

Through adorable, cuddly art and fun rhyming text, I Love You Just Because will help little ones understand their parents’ love for them and that it doesn’t have to be earned. With playful artwork and the same friendly bear family you already know and love from Donna Keith’s first two books—I Love You All the Same and I Love You Even When—the sweet story of this book will touch you and your family and will remind you that family members love each other…just because.

Parents will gravitate toward the felt need and fun messaging of this book as it seeks to help them explain to their little ones that they are truly loved just because.

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  1. They have their own personalities: outgoing, quiet and the other is such a sincere child. Due to their different personalities they are awesome because they stand out individually.

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