Kids’ Easter Cross Painting

Kids’ Easter Cross Painting

Every Easter season, as we pull out decorations to celebrate, I realize we don’t have enough decorations. And those that we do have are centered around bunnies and eggs. Spring is here, and the fertile rabbits are the symbol of that time of year. In my world, however, there is another important (even moreso) event: the death and resurrection of Christ. I cringe when I consider how much we don’t have to demonstrate the holiest of seaons, and that’s why last year we created our Easter garden. This year, I asked the kids to help me with an Easter Cross Painting, and I’m excited about how they turned out.

kids' easter cross painting

The first thing we did was discuss the purpose of Easter and the situation on the cross. We talked about how Jesus and two other men were put on crosses to be killed. My kids had a friend over, so there was much discussion about the two “bad” guys and their discussions with Jesus while hanging on the crosses.

As we talked about the choices the kids could make for how to paint the canvases, their friend reminded them that the sun set and the sky went dark when Jesus died. The kids all decided to make their canvas look like the sun was setting or that it was solemn and sad.

Probably my favorite part of the whole activity was listening to their sweet innocent discussion of the cross and ultimately Jesus’s resurrection. They were both in awe and yet discussing the entire event as fact.

Using my Cricut, I cut out some crosses on a hill for each kid to attach (after the paint was dry). I chose blue mostly because I didn’t have black but also because I felt like it helped to symbolize both the sadness of that day and the anticipation and hope of Easter morning.

Each turned out beautiful in its own way. Even Diva (3 at the time) was committed to adding the sun in the corner. She may not completely understand the full scope of what happened on Good Friday, but we can always reference her painting to start the conversation.













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