Kids’ Fall Favorites

Kids’ Fall Favorites

Around our house, fall generally takes the cake over all seasons. While Christmas is absolutely fun and of course important, my kids seem to enjoy fall the most. It’s not hard to gather a list of their fall favorites to share!

fall favorites for kids

Halloween Fun

Halloween is the highlight of the fall season. We spend time decorating the porch and finding all the jack-o-lanterns. Somehow, my children have never been afraid of Halloween ghosts and goblins. Perhaps it’s because we’ve always made it a fun adventure. Either way, they love to find the silly monsters and skeletons to adorn our cabinets and shelves.

We’ve made several Halloween crafts and even decor for the porch and mantle.

Nature Walks

There’s something about finding acorns and beautiful leaves when you’re out playing. Diva and Flash and I took a walk a couple of weeks ago with the sole purpose of finding acorns to fill our little pumpkin buckets. This simple walk allowed us to find acorns, leaves, worms, and more.


Our little ol’ man. (He’s 4.) 😂

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In fact, the discovery of the slug and worm under a porch-area rock became the highlight of their after-preschool mornings and lunch. We would come home from school, eat our lunch, and then go check on the slug and worm. I try to make sure that they aren’t actually afraid of the creepy crawlies.

Outside Time

It’s no secret that I truly dislike being outside. It’s even harder when you have kids and have to keep a close eye on them. But fall’s temperatures get all of us outside, and I’ll even do so with less animosity.

Flash is our kid that we call our little old man. He loves to be outside, and finding him on the porch rocking is not unusual. In fact, now that we have such a great porch at our disposal, we all love being out there together.

Our little ol’ man. (He’s 4.) 😂

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What are your favorite things to do with your kids in the fall?

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  1. Wow, I love your picture of your son on the porch! Porches are the best! I agree with your kids, fall rocks and Halloween rivals Christmas for my favorite holiday. All of those leaves make me want to go to a leaf project.

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