Lil Crochet Dimples & Hand Rattles (Review)

Lil Crochet Dimples & Hand Rattles  (Review)

Baby Diva likes to make noise. And she likes to chew on anything she can grab. Our baby toys are pretty awesome, but they’ve seen better days. I was excited to receive some Lil Crochet Dimples & Hand Rattles from Zubels for Baby Diva to play with and try out. So far, she really enjoys shaking her new rattle and chewing on the Crochet Dimples.


What I, as the mom, like about Lil Crochet Dimples is that they are perfectly safe for her to play with. The knit is tight enough that she will neither catch her finger in the crochet nor choke while chewing on them. She also is teething, so we find her trying to devour any toy she can get in her hands. The Dimples are really awesome for giving her something to soothe that itch while keeping my nerves calm about any potential hazards.


If you’re considering a shower gift for a baby on the way, I highly recommend Lil Dimples. They are easily attached to a gift as a precious and functional decoration. You could even use them as gifts for the holidays for all the little hands in your life.

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