Little Women: Updated!

Little Women: Updated!

When I taught in the face-to-face classroom, Little Women was a story I introduced to my high school juniors. The course is American Literature, and the story of Little Women is iconic. Boys and girls alike were entranced by the story of the four sisters who are so very different but who love one another with such strength. With the release of the updated version, a new generation of high schoolers (and more!) can enjoy the story again.

little women

iPhones, teenage parties, Harry Potter references, and Skyping are all part of the newly updated film. The original movie is wonderful as it completely captures what Louisa May Alcott wrote. This newer version provides relevance to a generation of young men and women who are used to seeing technology.

If you haven’t yet seen Little Women, run, don’t walk, to get your tickets. I’m in love with the way the director and actors crafted this film, and I think you will be, too.

Be sure to grab your tissues. I tried to resist, but the acting was way too good to avoid a sob fest. My kids didn’t know what to do with me!

Disclaimer: I received a pre-screening of this movie in exchange for my honest review.

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