Mamavation Monday: 33 Weeks with #babyflash

Mamavation Monday: 33 Weeks with #babyflash

I can’t believe it’s yet another Monday and therefore another Mamavation Monday. The weeks are flying by, and time waiting on #babyflash keeps getting shorter and shorter. This is ok with me as I’d really love to be holding him in my arms instead of battling the aches and pains that are included with this last trimester.


But don’t get me wrong. I love being pregnant. Love it. I love the bumps and turns and squirms that he’s doing in there. And I love the anticipation of what he’ll be like and how he’ll change this household. Am I scared? Heck yeah. I have to work from home with two kids under the age of 2? Frightening. But, I’m going to trust that it’ll all work out (I do have magical mom powers).

As for this week’s update:

1. I have not been doing well with my water at all, and the fun charlie horses are starting at night. Granted, with the Animal, I had regular charlie horses starting around 26 weeks. So, I’m already feeling more successful this time. But, even the doctor said, “You should be drinking more water,” and I’ve listened.

2. For the most part, I’ve made good choices with my food intake. I have bought some Sweet Tarts, and I’ve had my share of those evil Star Crunch cookie things, but for the most part, I’m doing pretty well.

3. I took a walk this week because it was actually gorgeous out there. It’s gorgeous again today and looks to stay that way all week. So, I’m going to try to at least walk to the post office and back to get some outside exercise.

What’s the weather like where you are? Will you be able to get out and enjoy it in some way? (Even if it’s sledding!?)

Have a great Monday, Geniuses!

Mamavation Monday

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