Mamavation Monday: #BabyFlash and 26 Weeks

Mamavation Monday: #BabyFlash and 26 Weeks

Happy Mamavation Monday, Geniuses! I hope you’ve had a great day so far and possibly found a way to get some extra relaxation!

We’re celebrating 26 weeks with #BabyFlash. My waist is feeling more and more HUGE, and #BabyFlash is reaching the point where he is hitting me with body parts instead of simply floating around in there.


26 weeks #babyflash
26 Weeks!

My back has been crazy annoying, and today I visited a friend who is a Reflexologist in hopes that she’d help me find some relief. Let me just tell you that if I ever doubted Reflexology before, I am a FIRM believer now. Oh my gracious.

Other than feeling a little low this past week because my weight is not where I want or think it should be, I’ve been doing very well. I’m eating a good breakfast every morning, and I’ve been working on getting in water and fruit during the day. At dinner, because the entire family is with me, I tend to have the most well-rounded meal. Now, if I can get that to be a habit for every meal, we’ll be in good shape.

Yes, I am still having my ice cream every night. This is the one habit I can’t seem to shake. For the record, this coming Friday, I’ll be basically SIX MONTHS no soda, yo. Wow!

What do you want to improve for your health this week? Share with me!

Mamavation Monday


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