Mamavation Monday: Blessed and So Much More

Mamavation Monday: Blessed and So Much More

It has been a great day, and I’m excited since Mondays are usually so blah. This past week, as I’ve been lamenting my weight gain with this pregnancy, I’ve been constantly thinking towards today’s fetal echocardiogram for Flash. Since he has the single umbilical artery, there is a small chance that something could be wrong with his heart or kidneys. Getting to today’s specialist appointment felt like it took forever — and neither Aaron nor I slept well for the last two nights.

But, I’m happy to report that the Dr. has given Flash the “looks good” report! At this point, it appears that Flash really just wanted some extra attention since his older brother and sister are already here and in the limelight. He showed off for the doctor, and it was even commented that he was good at “posing” as he was apparently in every perfect position that the doctor needed for seeing things. (And yes, he showed “things” off again, too. Greeeeaaat.)

As for how I’ve done this week with being healthy, I have two words: birthday cake. Miss Sassy Pants turned 8 last Wednesday, so there was both cookie cake and then traditional birthday cake in the house. I did a pretty decent job resisting the cookie cake. Luckily, there was only a little bit of birthday cake left once the party was over. So, it wasn’t horrible – but it wasn’t great either.

Image courtesy of Dynamite Imagery/
Image courtesy of Dynamite Imagery/

The weather was nice for a few days, so I got out there and took some walks with the Animal in tow. My sacrum hurts beyond belief, but Aaron helps me with the stretches, and I’m trying really hard to remember to wear my new belt and sometimes my sacrum belt.

I am blessed and so much more. Really, I am. I may be in tons of pain in the very low parts of my back, and my house may be a big mess, but I am so lucky and blessed to have this husband, these kids, this house, and this life.

It’s not Thanksgiving, but I want to know what you’re thankful for this week! Share in the comments!

Mamavation Monday

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