March 2017 Funny Friday

March 2017 Funny Friday

Every now and again, I find the chance to participate in Funny Friday. This linkup gathers bloggers who think it might be fun to laugh a little as we take one blogger’s photo and caption it our own special way.

I love my group of blogging buddies, and I love all the linkups that Baking in a Tornado helps coordinate!

There’s nothing like some laughter to end a busy month — and March 2017 has kept me hopping! Read my captions below the picture. Then, be sure that you visit the other bloggers (linked below) to see what they came up with!

Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by The Bergham Chronicles.

bergham chronicles march 2017 funny friday

  1. “Let’s see. A little wiggle jiggle and a bing bang boom – we’re off!”
  2. “You see, the hardest thing about this contraption is the clutch. Now, if I could just reach it.”
  3. “Yes, you DID clear out the entire section of seats when you went barrelling through. Everyone’s fine.”
  4. “East bound and down…loaded up and truckin’.”
  5. “I’m tellin’ ya, Martha. It takes one little shift of this right here, and you’re ….. woah!”

That was fun. I love kids, and this girl is a sweetie. How would you have captioned it? Tell me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “March 2017 Funny Friday”

  1. I read your first one and thought “this one’s gonna be my favorite, I can tell”. Then I read your third one and I can’t choose.
    So glad you got a chance to join in Funny Friday this month. Want to add a picture to an upcoming month?

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