National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

My kids love to read. I’m not sure why, but one of their favorite things to read ever is non-fiction, fun fact sort of stuff. It might be because my husband and I are natural nerds (oooh, band name!), or it may simply be because kids are naturally curious. Either way, when given the choice, our boys will especially ask to read informational books. Especially if they’re funny. This is one reason we love and purchase National Geographic Kids books and were excited to receive the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 and Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret.

My boys are only 7 and 5, so learning funny things and weird facts appeals to them. Using the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 has helped us focus in on animals and regions of the country that they wouldn’t necessarily learn about otherwise. The images in the texts are rich and interesting. If you’ve ever seen a National Geographic, you know that the photography and imagery are high quality. They are just as awesome in the kids’ books.

While the Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret will certainly be a book my boys will want to read as they get older (it’s aimed more at 8-12 years old), they also and mostly love the National Geographic Weird but True books. Similar to the Kids Alamanac, the Weird but True books offer snippets of fun facts (like in the image above) and come in a number of volumes. My boys actually argue over who gets the most recent volume first!

Learn More about the Almanac

  • The National Geographic Kids Almanac is the most popular kids almanac on the planet.
  • It is a great summer boredom buster for kids of every interest and reading level.
  • Some of its features include Cool Things for 2019 on various themes throughout the book, from the 19 cutest animals to 19 amazing facts about Vikings and more.
  • Kids are invited to participate in the Lions Forever Almanac Challenge for a chance to win a $500 gift card to host a lion conservation party! Go to
  • The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 typically retails for $14.99.

Learn more about Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

  • Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret engages kids on so many levels beyond the narrative, with code-breaking, puzzles, and a storyline that encourages observation, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving.
  • It features diverse kids and cultures from around the globe.
  • It is fact-based fiction, inspired by the real-life adventures of real National Geographic explorers. Each book features a Truth Behind the Fiction section and profiles real explorers and their work.
  • This book series is geared towards middle-graders (ages 8-12)
National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 and Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret are available to purchase on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s, or wherever books are sold.
I received a free copy of these books in order for my honest review.

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