October Fly on the Wall

October Fly on the Wall

It’s time once again to see what the little fly on the wall has seen in my house. Tune in to his observations and then be sure to fly around and visit my other bloggy friends. Their links are down below!

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Baby Diva is about to crawl. There’s a fine line between the excitement of watching her learn, the fear that she’s about to be in to everything and the acceptance of the fact that she will soon no longer be my teeny baby. The upside is that we can use this coming-soon-ability as leverage to get the boys to pick up their toys.

Don’t want your superhero’s head chewed off? Pick it up!

Hate the fact that she keeps ripping your papers? Pick them up!

Don’t want her to break the tower of blocks you so carefully constructed? Pick them up!


I’m not doing well on most days. I try really hard to put on a nice smile and stay really positive for the kids and the husband. But my desk is in the middle of the hallway where everyone walks (or runs) and where I get zero silence to work.  There’s no door to shut. There’s no ability to have some privacy. It’s hard, my friends.

I got my second Stitch Fix. I’m disappointed. I even told the company in my feedback that they had to come down on prices. I know that I’m probably being super picky here, but in this box there was a pair of pants that was twenty dollars more than some jeans in the previous box. And those pants were pricey. Sorry, Charlie. But no.

Here, you can see me open the second box:

Well, I did it. I ruined bedtime with Flash (2) forever. Tonight, he couldn’t seem to settle. After what seemed like forever, I went up to check on him. I was certain he’d soiled his diaper or something and needed help. After all – he doesn’t (or didn’t) realize he could just call for help and we’d come running. It has been a long, long time since he’s called for us in the middle of the night.

So, I went to him fully expecting there to be a problem. And there wasn’t. He was fine.

But now… now he knows that someone can and will come. That we aren’t necessarily also asleep. That he HAS POWER.

And he’s been using it. Too much, actually.

Help me.

I’ve started scoping on Periscope. Are you on there? It’s super fun. And the best part? My exchange student from a few years ago was scoping from Brazil, and I tuned in and we talked live. She couldn’t believe it, and it was absolutely fabulous to see her!

Don’t know what scoping is? I have one daily. Come check out my channel! Periscope.tv/lydsrich

You know how you get a project in your mind and you just can’t stop dwelling on it? I like to make music videos, and I especially like to make parody videos.

I was sitting in the doctor’s office before Baby Diva was born, and Lorde’s “Royals” came on. It hit me: This would be perfect to do a parody about OILS!

Baby Diva will be 6 months old in a little over a week, and I finally finished it. Check it out:


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  1. I liked the “Pick it up!” chorus to keep things from Baby Diva. I have thought about doing Stitch Fix, so your video was helpful! I think I need a new phone to check out Periscope…mine is too full and old right now! 🙂

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